Power to the Polls - January 20, 2018

"The rise of the woman is the rise of the nation."

We at the 28 Days Project are putting on our pussy hats and participating in Power to the Polls. Every day our donors, partners and recipients inspire us, and in return we are committed to creating the change that brings equality and justice (and period products) for all. Join us! Find a march near you here. And if you're worried about where you can "go" once you get there, click your city below for some help with that too.


we get it, period.

Being charitable is in our blood.

From 4-H and youth group to Junior League and Habitat for Humanity, being part of a giving community has been a constant and rewarding extension of who we are. Yet as our schedules became busier, carting food, personal hygiene supplies, books, or 'gently used' items for a community drop-off fell further down our To-Do lists.

Meanwhile, the issue of women having inadequate access to feminine care products was gaining international attention. The issue highly resonated with us as women, as sisters, and as community partners. We didn't have to look far to find that there are needs within our own communities.

We should try this.

Given that most of our daily conveniences have gone online, we knew that there MUST be a way to automate and ease the act of donating products. After some early brainstorm sessions, we took a deep breath and turned the corner to launch our first 28 Days Project in May 2016.

Our goal was to collect enough feminine products to provide high school and middle school girls in need with summer packets to cover the 3 months away from school.

Through the generosity of our donors, we quickly collected enough products to supply the schools plus other non-profit organizations that support women – these are now our Partners.

Menstrual symptoms lead to 100 million lost work hours in the US each year.
- How many of those are due to not having feminine protection?