Meet the Team

Being charitable is in our blood. The issue of inadequate access to menstrual care products is real and highly resonates with us as women, sisters, brothers, students, professionals, and community partners.

As a team, we use our skills, our synergies, and push ourselves beyond the boundaries to RAISE AWARENESS of the impact of inadequate access to menstrual products, to RAISE FUNDS to provide ongoing menstrual care products to those in need, and to RAISE THE BAR for the lives of those receiving products from 28 Days.

We are not alone in this mission.

  • Our Partners, other non-profit organizations supporting others, are key to making sure that we understand the needs of those we serve. 

  • Our Volunteers work monthly to ready products for distribution and amplify our mission.

Running a non-profit is a learning process, a fulfilling process, and not possible without the support of our donors. Please consider donating to 28 Days Project, and share the message of our mission to do more to support the women in need. 


"Helping others is a way we help ourselves."

Oprah Winfrey